AQUILA - Luxury, airy and tall glass ball chandelier

A massive chandelier evoking thousands of illuminating drops of aqua. Ideal in spacious entry halls, living rooms, reception halls or in spas. Drops are made from a hand blown glass each being of its kind and they come in three different sizes for a thrilling experience.

Its light-weight design has been achieved by a random drop thus allowing every chandelier to become a piece of art. Surface mounted as a standard or a recessed version upon request.

This chandelier comes as a standard with miniature LED downlights being integrated into the base in order to act as fully functional light as well as a decorative piece of your interior. As a result your chandelier features two separate electrical circuits - optic fibres only to create an atmosphere and a separate el. circuit with LED downlights to provide functional lighting.  These are not dimmable so should you wish to control or dim the chandelier please enquire within. Your base will come in a silver mirror finish (-SMR) but you can also request a golden mirror finish (-GMR).

The collection is also complimented by a variety of recessed spotlights and also by wall version. Or for a special requirement you can have glass pieces tinted into a special colour finish.

AQUILA - technical information

If you like our AQUILA and would like to build your own unique piece, here are some assisting points of choice:

Base shape: circle, square, rectangular, oval, ring, curved, curved ends etc. and angle/s if for sloped ceilings

Base size: please note that large bases may be produced by joining two or several bases together creating a small hairline join

Base finish: mirror, golden (matt/glossy), white (matt/glossy), black, brushed matt, or specific RAL colour, subject to checking with our technical team if it is feasible.

Design arrangement of the glass pieces: random, wave, cascading, V shape, U shape- ideally share with us a picture of the one you would like to achieve

Colour temperature: 2700K, 3000K or 4000K

For downlight dimming options you can request DALI, SWITCH DIMM, RF remote controller etc. 

Adding some other colour glass pieces (red, turquoise, golden etc.) or finishes (metallic) to make it stand out.

Standard chrome fittings holding the glass elements can be replaced by golden ones 

Electrical compatibility - let us know the country your AQUILA will be installed in, as it may need adjusting to a different voltage system 


To compliment your lovely chandelier AQUILA we have introduced a spotlight collection. There are three versions to choose from:


And to make our collection complete we recommend buying a wall version of AQUILA. There are two versions to choose from:

Both your versions, be it a spotlight or a wall version you can have in black (-BL) white (-WH) or golden finish (-GL). As a standard they are made as 230V but we can produce a 24VDC version for your centralised system and thus make the bases more miniature. Please inquire within.

AQUILA baseless with LED spotlights and RGBW version, installed in a private wellness



AQUILA 1400x600, H1400mm, mirror base, 3 dimmable spotlights

AQUILA D1200, H3800mm, circle mirror base, 4 dimmable spotlights

AQUILA D900, H1000mm, circle mirror base, 3 dimmable spotlights

Alternative solutions:

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