Modular base system

Our Modular base system was developed to speed up the process of manufacture, distribution and installation of our chandeliers, resulting in repetetive quality, easy maintenance and lower lead times. Apart from this thanks to our Modular base system qwe are able to process almost any kind of finish on almost any size of luminaires base, without need to break production processes. Most of the base is beeing produced out of stainless steel with mirror finish, which we can powder coat according to requirements afterwards. Precise in-house CNC production such as laser machines, CNC bending machines, TIG welders, etc. do provide high degree of precision.

So mix and match our great designs, with our Modular base system with all sort of controll units, CCTs of light or other details to obtain exactly what your interior requires.

Do you have a very specific requirement or interior to fit our luminaire with?..... we are very flexible and prompt even for low volume or custom design orders, do not hesitate to contact us.

Silver mirror bases come in a size of 1200x2400mm, white finish can come up to a size 2000x3000mm. We, of course can make larger bases using two materials connected together. So your chandelier can still come in one size with a tiny gap between the two materials :-)

Standardized Modular Base System

Complete portfolio of our Standardized base collection so you download.