AQUILA chandelier for all lighting applications

Optic fibre lighting with hand-blown glass
May 1, 2024 by
Marianna Slivková

AQUILA is an exquisite composition of hand-blown Bohemian glass combined with unique optic fibre technology and LED power sources of our own production. The design is customisable for high ceiling applications as well as for low ceilings.

High ceilings 

The chandelier can be made up to a 5m height in any shape or size.

It usually comes with LED downlights as a second electrical circuit, which you can switch on/off separately from the optic fibres (first electrical circuit).

You can enquire for a DALI dimmable option for the downlights or additionally for a backlighting also.


Ask us to produce the chandelier with external electronic gear along with LED illuminators so you can keep them in an accessible place for future servicing without the needs for scaffolding or lengthy servicing.

Low ceilings

This chandelier can create a stunning mood even in its smallest size.  

Ideal solution for low ceiling houses, apartments or where a need for a short and yet an eye-catching piece is desired.

Silver mirror finish of our bases multiplies the deep effect that reflection creates so even the lowest ceilings create an illusion of a much higher space.

Easy installation and a clear glass design make the AQUILA an ideal candidate for even the most demanding interior designers.

Sloping and angled ceiling​s

Your chandelier does not have to be fixed on the flat surface only!

Since we can produce and customise our chandeliers to any interior requirement, we are able to produce all of our chandeliers for such demanding applications such as sloped, angled or vaulted ceilings. More about our individual approach possibilities see in our SLOPING CEILINGS section.

Individual designs

Let us create an individual chandelier no-one else has on this planet.

Yes, it is the truth. We can produce your AQUILA and other original designs in any size, shape or finish. And yes, we will send it worldwide to you. Contact us today so you can own your original chandelier at your earliest convenience.

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