Sloped and angled ceilings

Sloped and custom shaped chandelier base

Vaulted or sloped ceilings are a pride and joy of every homeowner. They have invested into creating it and being able to underline its vastness with a correctly chosen chandelier is a must for the professionals. Chandeliers made from our collection respect this rightfully.

They create the atmosphere, make a functional lighting to the room and complement the interior with its colours and artistically finished glass pieces.

Thanks to our specialism in unconventional lighting we can customise any given design to cope with the slope of the given ceiling or create an angled installation for even the most challenging interiors

Transcend your interior with our beautiful and custom-made designs at


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LUREModern interior with baseless chandelier
This lovely modern interior with minimalistic lighting prides itself with our beautiful and popular chandelier LURE, And not only one but already two beauties are featured in this lovely home.