Luxury chandelier INFINITO

Beautifull and modular chandelier for large spaces

Please meet the INFINITO - a seemingly floating shoal of glass chips skilfully designed to the last piece. You will surely appreciate this magnificent chandelier which combines our most innovative lighting technologies with a craftsmanship of Bohemian glass making.

Thought-through to the last detail you can admire:

- a sole designer chandelier which can be used to interconnect large ceilings thanks to its modular lock mechanism

- unique originality assured through beautifully hand-blown Bohemian glass chips

- mirror finish of the base multiplies your experience and enlarges the smallest spaces

- a new sinuous shape offers great possibiilities with the utmost lighting installation designs

- cutting edge technologies of optic fibres and LED guarantees reliable and long service-free cycles

- possible to dimm with 0-10V/1-10V, control with DALI, DMX or other popular control systems

- all-in-all use of this beautiful decorative chandelier has been perfected by LED spotlights, please enquire

I am sure that upon choosing this little piece of heaven we are to bring a fresh and luxurious breeze to your place, be it an open-space gallery, entrance foyer or a guest room. View more of this beauty here.

LURE queen amongst chandeliers
Luxurious LED chandelier custom made