A seemingly floating and infinite luminaire that can either be placed in a desired part of a ceiling, fully cover a reception area, shopping mall space or to perfectly fill up a ceiling in your spacious residence. The chandelier looks as stunning as a small centerpiece above the dinning table where all the family gathers as well as a massive installation covering the large area of your foyer. The mirror finish of the base adds yet another sparkle to its beautiful design, you can request a silver mirror finish (-SMR) or a golden mirror finish (-GMR).

We have mastered three types of INFINITO for you to appreciate:


Floating glass chips hang on single optic fibres and are powered purely by our own LEDs. Airy and artistic design with exquisite hand blown glass that have been mastered by great Bohemian glass-blowers offer this unforgettable experience. Moreover the glass pieces come in a great variability of shades from clear, through frosted all the way to different shades of amber. 

The luminaire is manufactured as a surface mounted version or as recessed upon request. Endless size possibilities to fit any interior and ceiling heights with a great playful design of sinuous shape to create any wished creations above your head.

This chandelier comes with integrated LED downlights in the base as a standard so it offers you an additional electrical circuits with a fully functional lighting. This way your chandelier will feature two separate circuits - one as a romantic, decorative chandelier and one with a functional lighting through LED downlights. Should you request a version WITHOUT the LED downlights please inform us within. 

The collection is also complimented by recessed spotlights and wall version and by individual LED powered solitaires. Please enquire within.


90cm circle mirror base, 170cm height, fibre optic

100cm circle mirror base, 60cm height, fibre optic


It uses the same unique glass pieces as our attractive INFINITO with optic fibres, which have been custom-designed to fit onto our individual golden finish fittings. Each fitting has an integrated LED module (proudly based on OSRAM chips) with a direct 24VDC output and it offers the identical technical and design possibilities such as SOLINA, please see this section for more in depth information.  

Individually powered glass pieces can come either directly from the gypsum ceiling (no visible base) or to be a part of a surface finish based chandelier with an added benefit of having the light inside of the glass. This is mainly great for commercial places, high ceiling installations or for places where there is a requirement for individual dimming or dynamic creation system. 

Each LED is connectable to a 24VDC system or we can prepare it for you as a part of a 230V (for US market 110V) chandelier finished the same way as the version with optic fibres - integrated into our popular mirror finish base, to have added a second electrical circuit of LED downlights (not necessary) or to have a LED backlighting to create a more homogenous light inside of the room. Of course, with the added benefit of having each individual piece to be whichever controlled. Choose your preferred colour of electrical cables: black, white, golden (yellowish) or grey.


Sculpture design is a third additions to our INFINITO collection. Is is aimed at situations where there is no base desired or it is not possible to produce for a number of reasons. You simply place your own spotlights into the ceiling and the rest is up to us. This way you are not limited to choose a colour of a base, to make any advanced cabling preparation; instead you can easily and very efficiently create your own installation design, with own spectral possibilities or a composition as you wish. 

With this solution you will receive a specified number of hand-blown glass pieces (identical to optic fibre version), stainless steel wires and accessories to fit the glass pieces into a standard plasterboard ceiling. All the work, design and a choice and delivery of spotlights to light up this unique installation is then entirely up to you and your creativity.

INFINITO (optic fibres and LED) - technical information

For base versions of optic fibre and LED INFINITO* please choose from our below base standard size versions. Should you request a baseless version of LED INFINITO or a INFINTO SCULPTURE please inquire within.

*For a LED version please specify at the end of the Item no. -LED


INFINITO LEDmodular 1200x1200 black matt base, H1200, dimmable base backlight




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