You will certainly appreciate the beauty of individual oval ends that have been brushed off in a angled position creating lovely shining patterns; all having been skillfully brushed by a hand. The designers have also thought of sandblasted patterns that embellish these unique pieces. The light can act as a single light for bedside tables, or mix-n-match different lengths and diameters for a functional lighting above kitchen islands, dining and conference tables or create an outstanding lighting centrepiece. Flexibility and scalability radiates from each feature of this design!

Each is powered by individual LED module that has been developed solely for this design. Thanks to 24VDC connection you can by all means create dynamic and pulsing effects by connecting to intelligent controllers or your dimming system.. As a standard SOLINA comes in 3000K but you can certainly request other colours as well (2200/2700/4000/5500K). And yes, we definitely look forward to being challenged with RGBW versions that are just a step from some great lighting and dynamic scenes. Request a breakdown of lengths of individual pieces that vary from 225 - 850mm in length and in 30 and 40mm in diameter.

SOLINA has been designed as a baseless light so as not to disturb any of the interior design atmosphere, it comes with a small ceiling fitting to cover the opening of the cable entry into the false ceiling. Each is powered by individual LED module that has been developed solely for this design. Thanks to 24VDC connection you can by all means connect to your centralised system, dimm by any dimming system of yours or can create dynamic and pulsing effects by choosing our own sparkling units (based on DMX512). SOLINA comes with either black or white cable that is 2000mm long with an extra 1000mm of unsheathed cable allowing you to do all necessary connections above the false ceiling. We also offer a base version but you can certainly enquire for a different size or base finish.

SOLINA -technical information

El. power per single module (24VDC): SOLINA 30mm - ** 1,4W / 185Lm source, SOLINA 40mm - 174Lm - 1,44W / 257Lm - 2,16W

IP protection degree: IP20, with anticorrosion protection film, suitable even for coastal areas.

Dimming: Yes, with 24VDC PWM drivers

All LED light sources are of custom design, proudly developed with OSRAM LEDs.

** SOLINA modules are manufactured with 2 power options:

Lower power is suitable for residential and 24/7 work conditions, Higher power is suitable mainly for sparkling option.

Solina configurator

Luminaire body options

Installation options :

1. Without base** (custom shape luminaire installed step by step at site)

2. With base : (All components installed in the base, delivered in large wooden box)

Base options (Surface mounted) :

A. Squared, B. Rectangular, C. Circular, D. Eliptical, E. custom shape (to be specified)

Dimensions (mm) :

100, 120, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2400, 3000. Other sizes as custom sizes.

** SOLINA modules if sold without base will be provided with neccessary Positioning / Installation plugs for standard plasterboard ceilings.

SOLINA's cable options

Cable colours (24VDC) : White , Gold (yellow), Grey, Black

Cable length (mm) : A. 1200, B. 2400, C. 3600, D.4800, E. 6000, F. 8400, G.12000

To the selected length there is always additional 1000mm of wire length included to be used as feed to the power supply. Cable length is measured as visual length of cable with braided surface. With fixing / installation plug you can easily adjust the length anytime.

SOLINA's body options

SOLINA's surface option :

Galvanised : A. glossy chrome, B. glossy gold-like, C. white, D. black, E. gold 24-carat

LED light source colour :

A. 2200K, B. 2700K, C. 3000K, D. 4000K, E. RGB, F. RGB+W (In RGB+W a white to be defined)

All LEDs used are exclusively OSRAM LEDs.

SOLINA's glass parts

Glass part size (mm) : A. 30, B. 40, C. 50

Glass part length (mm) : A. 200, B. 225, C. 250, D. 300, E. 350, F. 400, G. 450, H. 500, J. 600, K. 625, L. 700 or M. 800

SOLINA's glass parts can be delivered : clear, standard sandblasted pattern or with custom shape of sandblasting pattern

SOLINA's accessories

Effect options (CONT) : 1. Static - non sparkling, 2. Autonomous sparkling controller, 3. DMX controller to controll each pixel individually.

Power supply options (PSU) : 1. to be installed on DIN rail (el. box) , 2. to be installed in ducted ceilings.


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