Chandeliers for staircase solutions

EXPO 2020 DUBAI - Slovak Pavilion entrance - LURE biodynamic & programmable

Sultanate of Oman - INFINITO in a living room - high mirror ceiling

Spain, Malaga - TENERIS - Dominant 5 metre long sparkling chandelier underneath a glass ceiling rooftop in a private coastal villa

Lithuania, Vilnius - INFINITO - livingroom installation, 240x120 cm mirror base, 108 cm height

Italy, Latina - FIBRA 360cm long staircase installation

Cyprus - LURE staircase

Germany, LeerWittmund, Sparkasse bank meeting room - wave shaped AQUILA in black sleeve

Czech Republic, Liberec Casino Victory - TWIRL variety of golden base chandeliers with crystal curved based piece in the reception 

Mexico - AQUILA in a foyer - project in progress

South Korea, Seoul - LURE in a hotel - project in progress

Croatia, Dubrovnik - INFINITO in a hotel reception Rixos Premium Dubrovnik ***** - project in progress

Portugal, Almancil - GRAIN purple high ceiling in a private residence

Slovakia, Hotel Kralova***** - TENERIS with RGBW baselight ring in the lobby

Slovakia, Hotel More Than Accommodation - Baseless LEDmodular INFINITO

Slovakia, Galeria Hotel Thermal Besenova **** - RHEA chandeliers in the hotel lobby

Slovakia, Banco Casino Kosice - Oval & circle TWIRL chandeliers and starry sky

Slovakia, Hotel Kralova**** - Sculpture INFINITO in the reception & starry and crystal sky in the dining hall

Interiors featuring FOSALI design models

Slovakia, Hotel More Than Accommodation - Baseless LEDmodular INFINITO