699-Luxurious spa & wellness Star ceiling & Crystal sky

Crystall sky lighting in Maladinovo wellness

The brand new wellness & spa in a newly constructed family resort of MALADINOVO will enchant the visitors from all the angles.

It is not only the beautiful setting in Liptov region with breathtaking views of Western Tatras and Liptovska Mara dam but the actual architecture of all buildings which respect the local nature.

And we took care of the luxurious wellness area, which fully respects the client's vision and creates a unique experience for every single visitor.

Let us take you round.

Hallway crystall sky lighting in sauna world

Reception area with exclusive SWAROVSKI crystal ceiling with LED technology

Infrared sauna lighting with massive swarovski crystalls

Infra sauna with a mix of SWAROVSKI and LED crystal ceiling

The wellness features a variety of areas, where each has been beautified by different and yet tuned in lighting effects. Your grand entrance to the reception area features the most luxurious effect out of all - a crystal starry sky made with pure SWAROVSKI crystals. These have been powered by our unique LED technology and provide enough light for the reception staff to welcome its visitors.

Finish sauna fibre optic lighting is decorative heat and moist resistant lighting

Finnish sauna & cold plunge pool with a starry sky ceiling

This way not only the facilities create the experience for you but also the lighting effects which are different and yet blend in with every space.

Spa whirlpool starry sky lighting , fibre optics with pulsating effects

Jacuzzi with a LED crystal sky

This way not only the facilities create the experience for you but also the lighting effects which are different and yet blend in with every space.

Once you have satisfied all your pampering needs you enjoy a relaxing time in a relax room full of stars and crystals, which change their intensity via a DMX sparkling system. We have created a variety of pre-programmed scenes for the client so they are at their freedom to change the scenes according to their preferences or actual day time.

Fibre optic starry sky effect with pulsating LED crystall sky effects will bring you to new intergallactic dimensions.

Relaxation room with a mix of colour crystals based on DMX sparkling technology

Wellness starry crystall sky can be beautifull, swarovski crystalls used.

And since we love pushing the borders even further, we have created a mix of a variety of colours of individual crystal lighting. As natural as the night sky - our LED powered crystals feature 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5700K colours creating a thrilling atmosphere in the interior, be it day or night.

Chillout after sauna doesn't have to be boring, enjoy our unique Starry sky effects

You will certainly enjoy every minute of your stay in this original wellness and will desire for more with every visit to this lovely resort of MALADINOVO.


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