STARRY SKY is a beautiful lighting effect that brings lighting of any interior to the highest level. Miniature stars above your head perfectly add to the luxury of the space and create a breathtaking atmosphere in your living room, restaurant, bar area, above swimming pool or in a sauna (be it a steam or a Finnish one). The sky simply comes as a luxurious necessity to your casino, reception hall or other places that wish to be distinguished one from another.

It is not surprising that our sets which are manufactured by our own company in the heart of Slovakia are of unique and miniature designs. This gives it a great freedom with installation, maintenance whilst it provides a great light distribution for a basic orientation light in your space. The starry ceilings are ideal for supplementary or as navigational lighting in large areas, commercial places, long corridors or in any place longing to provide additional and yet aesthetic safety for the navigation during the deepest night. Moreover, consuming only a few Watts it is a great energy efficient light source.

By using special fittings (IP rated, walkable, driveable, reflectors etc.) the starry sky can even be implemented into the bottom of the swimming pools, pathways or walkaways where you have a demand for quality and maintenance free lighting system. And you have decided after a while that you wish to change a monochromatic version (2700/3000/5500K, A, R, G, B) for another colour? Well, you can very easily change the LED illuminator which has been placed in your technology room or above the ceiling for a different colour system or even for the RGB+W colour! The colour variations have no limits and the exchange cannot be any simpler - you do not need to do anything with the fibres themselves, you simply replace the LED light source for a different one.

We are a proud manufacturer of the above optic fibre system providing the standard sets which have been pre-assembled for an easy installation. For large projects we advise you on the best and most efficient ways to install the system or provide your sets in different lengths or pre-assembled so you save on unnecessary costs arising from prolonged installation times. Our sets can be supplied with standard lengths of 2, 3 and 5m long fibres (BASIC sets), but can also be provided with up to 10m lengths or with a mixture of different diameters of optic fibres (DELUXE sets, come in a proportion of 0,5mm, 0,75mm and 1,5mm in diameter). Our illuminators come as a standard in a 5500K version as the stars look at their best being of cooler colour shades but we very much like to produce versions with 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and aforementioned colour variations of RGB and even RGB+W colours on your demand. Colour options are supplied with an easy-to-handle RF remote controller but we also provide more sophisticated control gears such as DMX512 control, DALI, KNX or with dimming options upon your requirement (0-10V, 1-10V).

So what is so amazing about our sets? First of all, it is a very unique and innovative design of all of our LED illuminators which have been developed by our in-house engineers. Thanks to this you not only have a miniature sized lighting source giving you a great flexibility but you also reach a great illumination even with our lest powerful MIKRO illuminators of 0,5W thanks to our specialised know-how! Moreover, standard sets (<10W) are supplied with passive cooling and no motor controlled gear allowing the system to live up to your expectations and with noisefree versions.

Being made in Slovakia, using the highest quality optic fibres, combining our extensive know-how and experience with continual developments and functions' improvements, these are some of the reasons why you should opt for this beautiful lighting effect from us. As an addition, we offer technical support, large number of references, project based solutions made to your custom, or you can require our own installation services for your peace of mind.

With a manufacture of Starry Sky sets our services do not end - we focus on complex solutions in optic fibre applications for swimming pools, facades, contour lines, chandeliers, artistic objects or custom lighting solutions to your projects. This is why we have a large stock of different types of optic fibres, including various types of bundles for most efficient installation, sparkling effects and supplementary fittings. With our in-house R&D we develop systems that represent your ideas and enlighten the spaces that are not possible to light up with conventional light sources, are too costly for the maintenance or too risky for any injuries. Your project lies in our capable hands so contact us today with your enquiry!


Tips for your Starry sky ceiling:

What you need to create a special effect of a starry sky:

  • hot knife to cut the fibres in the port (or any other suitable cutting system)

  • grinding system set with polishing tools to be able to finish off the port into the professional polish (necessity mainly for high output applications)

  • installation set for starry sky sets (miniature drill, drills 0.6 - 1.6mm, non-synthetic glue, pliers, hot gun etc.)

  • port size drilling set

  • spare fibre cuttings to fill up the space in the port (necessity mainly for high power applications)

  • endoset - set consisting of an endoscopic camera with a prolonged arm for an efficient installation even in less accessible applications (factory rental possible)

  • laser projector with preset themes (astronomic theme, random shapes, motivational messages etc.) for accurate theme installation, acts as a template (factory rental possible)

Fibres trimming - optic fibres are cut by pliers so they are cca 3mm below the ceiling and then by using a hot gun you slowly ‘melt’ them into the ceiling. This creates a small optic at the end of the fibre which makes sure you do not pull the fibres inside of the ceiling by accident (be careful not to expose the area of the ceiling nor fibres to extensive heat, refer to the manual supplied with each individual set package first!).

Fibres cutting - it is a simple procedure of cutting the ends of fibres away with a sharp knife or a razor but beforehand make sure that you have glued the fibres (from the above of the ceiling) into the ceiling otherwise you run a risk of a fibre being pulled into the hole once you cut it off (use a non aggressive glue such as duvilax, silicone, acryl etc.) or by any other suitable hydroisolant.

After the fibres have been cut by any of the two above options you can now finalise the ceiling as you wish (make sure that all needed coatings had been applied before your installation of the fibres, this stage recommends a thin layer of painting in case you have slightly smudge the surface, otherwise you risk having to clean the starry sky points with excessive paint cover!). In any case your starry sky points had been painted over you can LOCALLY clean the points by - thin grind sandpaper (A), sensitive scratching by a knife (B) or by a moistured ear’s bud (A/B)- in a case of a wet applications be careful to have a good isolation above the ceiling.

Tips for your Crystal star effects:

Crystal star set is based on optic fibre technology and crystal end fittings and is ideal for large and non-accessible places as it uses a much smaller number of lighting points with crystal endings which create a variety of size and shape of a large star (e.g. 10, 20 or 50pcs). Even, in the most complicated spaces the installation can be reasonably efficient.

This system uses optic fibres in a black protective sleeve in order to reach as much light as possible right to the ends. The illuminator has been designed in order to produce a high intensity of light energy being focused into the smallest possible surface in the port enabling the best light distribution right into the crystal fittings at their ends. Optical port has to be spotlessly assembled and polished not only for the ideal light distribution but also for the fibres’ protection from meltdown.

Installation of this system is possible to undertake even during the building finalisation stage (no need to wait for the final coating of the ceiling preparation). At this stage you integrate the fibres into the requested positions and terminate by small blinders (these protect the fibres from their accidental pulling into the ceiling). You can work with the ceiling surface as always, smooth, paint etc. After all these finalising stages have been done and the ceiling has been completely finished you can now fit the crystal end fittings, you can choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes. Before you do this check the endings of the fibres and clean off any dirt or a paint so they do not block light distribution.

Tips for your Finnish (dry and hot) sauna:

Saunas with hot and dry air such as Finnish or Russian saunas are recommeded to be lit up with glass fibres rather than PMMA. It is due to high temperatures that glass fibres have a much better resistance to.

The work with them is pretty much the same except that the ends of fibres come with special trimming to go inside of the wood and a better manipulation.

Except for this you follow the same procedure as with a standard starry sky ceiling.

Tips for swimming pool star effects:

  • it utilises all the benefits of starry sky with added advantage of IP graded fittings which can go directly into the floor of a swimming pool, fountains, exterior walkways etc.

  • for this type of a starry sky effect we use PMMA fibres cladded in black PVC so you manage to distribute the light further away from the light source and protect fibres from mechanical damage that could easily occur in such applications. For the components have a look at the FIBRE optic components section.