595-Cinderella story

Hand made Infinito with fibre optic lighting

We would like to share the story of our INFINITO and a wonderful couple. You may well know that our chandeliers make you hold your breath every time you look at them. This time it was an absolute truth. Let the story begin...

This sympathetic couple visited one of the international exhibitions we regularly participate at, where they were looking for the perfect chandelier for their new place.

Spotting this gem from afar they literally ran towards us, a decision was made straightaway. WE WANT IT.

So, INFINITO made its way to their new place, they thanked us one more time. Even though we meet a lot of clients, this couple will always stay in our minds. Seeing them so happy and thankful to have such a piece will always make their place in our minds and make us proud in our work.

After some time we contacted them just to see how they were doing. The answer? Absolutely loving it and hence they had organised their wedding around it. Being such a lovely couple, they decided to share their most precious moments with us, which you can also experience in this album WEDDING.

We cannot thank you enough, guys, for being such wonderful clients, such warm-hearted people and to have picked our lovely INFINITO for your place.

We wish you many years in happiness together.

Your INFINITO comes now also as a LED version, which can be dynamically programmed, be produced without a visible base and with no height limitations.

You can enquire for this gem or our other wonderful chandeliers on our below contact details.

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640 - Private residence with AQUILA and own LED strips
Most of these installations were produced specially for the project.