634-Baseless sculpture LED INFINITO in More Than Hotel****

Baseless luxurious LED chandelier custom made to hotel requirements

This chandelier INFINITO has as the first from our collection been adapted to a complete to LED and also been produced as a baseless installation. As always it provides the ever popular airiness of the space with no visible base. This new version opens up brand new possibilities - each, individually blown glass piece is fitted with an individual LED module, which has once again been developed by our in-house engineers. Each lighting piece hangs on individual transparent cables, their thinness, weight load and electrical characteristic at the centre of our attention as always.

The 24VDC outputs of individual glass pieces have enabled us to centralise control apparatus into one central place, which has been wisely chosen outside of this spectacular installation and is readily accessible for future servicing. Furthermore, the installation is ready for any upgrades that might be required and any custom effects such as individual dimming, dynamics or lighting scene can be very easily programmed.

During the day a spectacular light sculpture and during the night a beautiful lighting installation, which will hypnotise you. You can visit this magical place at any time or get inspired in our online gallery INFINITO. Should you wish to see it for yourself, it is located on the busy main road in our lively capital of Slovakia.

Your INFINITO or other designer chandeliers from unique materials such as hand-blown glass can be formed in a number of sizes, shapes and colour combinations and now also in two versions - romantic optic fibres with LED downlights or individual LED modules. Get inspired in our online GALLERY.

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