617-AQUILA chandelier in a challenging setting of a private residence

Sloped ceiling chandelier

An open space gallery in the interior belongs to the architectural specialities that is always appreciated by the designer as well as the investor.

It however poses certain obstacles for constructors and interior professionals who need to overcome these diverse hurdles to get the right finished look. Our lighting technicians were presented with such a challenge on this peculiar project.

As it happened, the two non-identically angled sides of this sloping roof opened an uncharted territory for us in creating a new base type chandelier. We made a start on the measuring, drawing, testing, re-measuring and the desired solution was soon available. A specially designed and manufactured chandelier AQUILA with irregularly angled base plate. Even the LED downlights had been modified in order to provide the functional lighting where required.


The chandelier is equipped with two independent electrical circuits so the client is in control of creating a special atmosphere or just having the light where it is needed. When inside one can take delight in the beautiful reflection formed in the glass window wall and from the outside the summer terrace sitting offers a majestic view of this stunning masterpiece.

Hand-made artistic glass with optic fibres integrated inside of them give the ever-loving sparkle to the glass. Well, judge for yourself. More photos from this unusual and lovely project can be found in our GALLERY

635-Installation in a luxury hotel****
Baseless luxurious chandelier