You will certainly appreciate the beauty of individually hand-blown pieces that been been skillfully sandblasted by hand to a variety of patterns.  Delicately positioned into a wave-like (or random) pattern and with a mixture of sizes and finishes these glass pieces will seduce you into the entire lure. Wave-like composition or a randomly placed pieces of individually LED powered pieces is great to be placed above dining table, in the living room or in your reception area.  

Each fitting has an integrated LED module (proudly based on OSRAM chips) with a direct 24VDC output and it offers the identical technical and design possibilities such as SOLINA, please see this section for more in depth information. 

Individually powered glass pieces can come either directly from the gypsum ceiling (no visible base) or to be a part of a surface finish based chandelier with an added benefit of having the light inside of the glass. 

This is mainly great for commercial places, high ceiling installations or for places where there is a requirement for individual dimming or dynamic creation system. 

As a standard you will receive your LURE in a base version with our popular mirror finish and with a biodynamic colour (2700-5000K) controllable either by wifi or a RF remote control (upon request) ready to be connected to 230V (for US market 110V) system.  You can certainly inquire for a baseless version based on SOLINA system, this way you will be able to connect individual LEDs to a 24VDC system, thus create dimming, pulsing or dynamic effects or for a monochromatic version (2200/2700/4000/5500K). 

Furthermore, you can request your chandelier to be produced with LED backlighting to create a more homogenous light in the interior.  And yes, we definitely look forward to being challenged with RGBW versions that are just a step from some great lighting and dynamic scenes. Your base will come in a silver mirror finish (-SMR) but you can also request a golden mirror finish (-GMR).

LURE - technical information

Cool white 5000K

Neutral white 4000K

Extra warm white 2700K


LURE baseless dining room H1000

785P - 3000x2000, H2000mm  white matt base, Biodynamic

783P - 2500x1000, H700mm white matt base, Biodynamic, DALI control

803P - 1200x600, H880mm  white matt base, Biodynamic

804P - LURE 1200x600 H900mm, level design, mirror base, Biodynamic

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