You will certainly appreciate the beauty of individual hand-blown pieces that have been been skillfully brushed by a hand. The designers thought of sandblasted patterns that embellish each unique piece. This wave-like composition of individual LED powered pieces is great for dining tables, kitchen islands or living rooms and conference tables. Thanks to its great design and individualism and mix-match lengths you can certainly enquire for a single light or a large installation in any pattern or size. Flexibility and scalability certainly radiates from each fixture of this beautiful design.

Although the composition comes as a 230V powered piece for a simple installation you can definitely ask for our 24VDC version. This is a piece of cake for us as each piece is powered by individual LED module that has been developed solely for this design. Thanks to 24VDC connection you can by all means create dynamic and pulsing effects by connecting to intelligent controllers or your dimming system (can be provided to you upon request). As a standard LURE comes in 3000K but you can certainly request other colours as well (2200/2700/4000/5500K) or a biodynamic version (2700 - 5700K) as seen at the last exhibition. And yes, we definitely look forward to being challenged with RGBW versions that are just a step from some great lighting and dynamic scenes.

LURE - technical information


Cool white 5500K

Neutral white 4000K

Extra warm white 2700K

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