Fibre optic components

Your optic fibre system will be maintenance free as long as you do not mechanically damage optic fibres.

We offer an extensive range of fibre optic components, optic fibres, end fittings, LED light sources, starry ceiling kits and other components that are necessary for customised fibre optic solutions for professionals.

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IP68 fitting for optic fibre up to 6.5mm unseathed fibre (appx. 4mm active diameter):

IP68 fitting for optic fibre up to 3.2mm unseathed fibre (appx. 2mm active diameter):

Our fittings are made of stainless steel, clear tempered glass (does not contain so often unwished greenish reflection) and made with renowned PGs and rubber seals.

Enquire within for this or other sizes for your project.

Our manufacture provides you with the comprehensive choice of optical ports especially adapted to concentrate as much light as possible into a focus active diameter. For special projects we are able to produce individually designed accessories such as fittings, optical ports, specially designed LED illuminators to fit to very narrow ceilings etc.

LED illuminators:

Main features of our LED illuminators:

  • light source developed for an effective and efficient light production which focuses light right into the bundle of fibre optics (variaty of types and wattage)
  • power supply 24VDC (possible to use 12VDC decreasing the light output)
  • suitable for dry and non-aggresive interiors (unless otherwise specified)
  • LED illuminator needs to be placed into serviceable place with a good access (servicing door, space in a suspended ceiling etc.)
  • ensure the illuminator’s good ventilation/cooling (do not cover with a thermal insulation)
  • do not touch electronic or LED inside of the equipment & do not look directly into the light source
  • switch off before any manipulation!
  • choosing the correct light source (LED illuminator)

CAUTION! It is NOT a golden rule that the higher wattage (W) the higher light intensity!

Advantages of FOSALI LED illuminators:

- miniature dimensions

- high Luminous flux and density

- minimum thermal loss, minimum cooling requirements

- passive coolling, noiseless (versions upto 10W)

- immediate start-up, no pre-heat, co cool-down procedure before repetetive start

- dynamic dimming regulation possibilities with PWM system (0-10/1-10VDC etc.)

- up to 5 colour shades (ANSI), high CRI versions, RGB multicolour, RGB+W and RGB+A for professional applications

- external, exchangeable constant current driver for high stability and upgrades’ options

- available versions for constant voltage systems 12/ 24 / 48VDC

- special versions of illuminators with heat protection for unpredictable and thermal-variable applications

- numerous illuminators’ connection for paralel connection and powered by a central power supply (controller)

- luminous output is focused on a small area => maximum luminous output with high efficiency and power factor

- direct alternative for HID illuminators

- luminous output covers the whole area of the optoport equally hence no differences in shades/intensities

- whole luminous output comes out of 1 high efficient LED chip (one point for a better focus and efficiency)

Working conditions:

Surrounding atmosphere temperature max 38°C

Humidity 10...90% non-condensed


- Heat protection

- Short circuit protection

- ESD protection up to 2KV

- Input Polarity protection