763-LURE - Modern interior with baseless chandelier

This lovely modern interior with minimalistic lighting prides itself with our beautiful and popular chandelier LURE, And not only one but already two beauties are featured in this lovely home.

LURE chandelier in LIVING ROOM

Dining area acts as a division and yet a visual link between the kitchen and living room area. 

It is viewed from all angles of the open space and the client's sweetheart was the elegant chandelier LURE, which she chose. 

Their wish was our command. We created the baseless version of a particular size, shape, colour spectrum and also controlled its dimming possibilities by a home control (switch dimm). 

Elegant, airy, made to custom and fully dimmable chandelier that represents the client's expectations to the last glass ball.

LURE baseless LED chandelier in modern dinning room 

LURE chandelier in STAIRCASE

To connect the ground floor with first floor space as well as to represent the lightness of the staircase we had designed a large installation of the same design chandelier LURE as in the dining area.  

The entire height of this beauty is 4.5m and the artistic glass is to be perceived from each angle and stair of the spacious interior, hence offering an individual experience for each viewer. 

We covered an entire space of 1.2x1.4m of the radiant ceiling with total length of each electrical cable exceeding 10m. 

Thanks to this more challenging installation, we managed to create a service area in a nearby room, making any future repairs a piece of cake with no need of any necessary scaffolding or visible servicing door within the installation.

Thanks to this the area is united and architecturally clean with a focus on lighting sculpture. 

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708-Private residence beautified by custom chandeliers
Custom made LURE and AQUILA in luxurious place