756 - MTS atrium, LED INFINITO non-standard lighting sculpture

Custom made organic shape glass LED chandelier in large commercial atrium

Our company was approached to create an individual lighting sculpture for a company headquarters in northern Slovakia. The intriguing architecture of the complex was designed by a renowned studio FORM A21. Thanks to their sophisticated and  courageous vision the structure has even been nominated for CE ZA AR 2023 awards in a category Construction of the year.  

And our job was to fulfill their idea to create an outstanding lighting sculpture in the central area of Atrium so the visitors, employees and the clients can enjoy the view of it from each corner and from each floor of the Atrium.  Check it out with us...

Picture used from a FORM A21 website


Since the whole object is designed to bring as much daylight inside as possible with a spacious and airy Atrium centrally placed, the requirement was for a lighting sculpture of up to 9m in height. These are the reasons we had opted for a LED based version of our organic looking INFINITO chandelier. 

The architect's idea was to compliment the clear glass with our sculpture so the decision was made to create the chandelier with a mix of clear, semi-clear and fully frosted glass with no golden finish fittings as our usual designs contain.


Because of the structure of the builing our limits were given instantly - no possibility to create an extra platform for the chandelier. Hence, the existing trusses had been copied in terms of dimensions into 10 individual lighting bases. These were powder coated to a black colour. All of the power supplies along with centralised DALI control were placed externally for any future servicing. 

At last, the lighting sculpture consists of 10 individually produced bases with custom mounting mechanism. Each base is almost 2m in length with only a 10cm width and carefully chosen ratio of 3 size and 3 finishes across our beautiful hand-blown glass had been chosen by the architects. The total length of the chandelier reaches almost 9m in height and the mounting was well planned upfront so the client's installation team with no previous experience with our products would manage the installation safely and effectively. 

We very much thank FORM A21 architects and MAVYS for cooperation in this inspiring project.   


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