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Hot and moist places

Your wellness is a place for relaxation, to boost energy. And whilst having time at your hands let us create a pasture for your eyes with original and reliable lighting solutions for steam and Finnish saunas.

As a manufacturer of optic fibre systems, LED technology and with its own R&D department to create functional, long-lasting and design products we have come with a variety of great possibilities to enhance the lighting experience in all areas of sauna.


The very effect of a starry sky is a must for such a relaxing place. Whilst we use PMMA fibres in majority of areas, for your hot and dry Finnish sauna we offer a range of speciality glass fibre that can withstand high temperatures.

You can purchase pre-manufactured sets or let us prepare custom bundles and sets for the most effective installation. And for the experienced we offer a range of components such as PMMA fibres in a large variety of choice, LED illuminators in different light outputs and wattages, optical ports, end fittings, DMX control etc.


Optic fibre solutions can be used in a conjuction with crystal cut glass in order to bring more light and atmosphere to the place. These can come in a variety of sizes and shapes and create beautiful reflections and shadows on the ceiling or the wall. We produce crystal fittings in ASFOUR and have also a range of SWAROVSKI crystals. The crystals are interchangeable and can be used both in steam and hot saunas.


As a variety for crystal endings there is an option to use LENS options. These are best used in a vicinity of a wall so you can create a game of light and shadows. And at any time you can change the atmosphere by simply changing a colour of the LED illuminator or to create a sparkling effect.


An exceptional version of a LED strip that has been developed to withstand high temperatures of up to 90° C, which are commonly found in dry (Finnish) saunas. SAUNA LED strip can function even in such high temperatures and its 12VDC input makes it safe and suitable for commercial use.

The design comes with 60 x OSRAM LED chips, with integrated constant current drivers for outstanding performance and stability. You can choose from a variety of colours: 2200, 2700, 3000, 4000 and 5700K.

With a consumption of 4.4W/m and 500lm/m it has become a fully reliable and yet architecturally more interesting solution to replace unattractive bulb solutions. And of course, a fully dimmable solution.


Utilise the optic fibre benefits and place a decorative chandelier in your wellness in order to create a special atmosphere for an extended time. Thanks to electrical safety of optic fibres you can place the chandelier in immediate vicinity of a relaxing person to maximise their experience.

Transcend your interior with our beautiful and custom-made designs at


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Sloped and angled ceilings
Sloped and custom shaped chandelier base