Eight single segments make up the shape of this luminaire. Made from special luminous lighting rods that have been shaped by our great know-how whilsts being supplemented with clear glass tubes. Thanks to this we have been able to play with the shape whilst focusing on its desirability.

This chandelier comes with miniature LED downlights being integrated into the base in order to act as a decorative and also fully functional luminaire. This way your chandelier will feature two separate electrical circuits - one as a decorative, romantic chandelier circuit and one with functional lighting through LED downlights. This version comes with the standard surface finish fitting and also with a hanging kit so your can combine it with our new LOOP HOLLOW version.

Should you request a version WITHOUT the LED downlights please inform us within.

Design by MEJD studio

Photo: Mgr. art. Adam Šakový


We also offer a new and a playful version of the LOOP. Version HOLLOW (-HL) comes as a hollow luminaire that reminds of a 'sugar doughnut' with its hollow inner circle. This fits just right above or below the standard LOOP-1-DL and thanks to its precise dimensions you are able to produce a totally new installation by simply hanging one above the other. The desired height and overall design can be reached by using the stainless steel ropes that come with both versions.

LOOP- technical information

*Stainless steel finish, please contact us for any other powder coating finishes


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