Typical and yet atypical. This luminaire is ideal for enthusiasts of symmetrical and regular geometric shapes but with a great portion of innovative design and artistic input.

Random sizes and custom concepts allow to compliment the interior of a restaurant, office place, boutique or a private interior. Numerous colour combinations and a surface mounted version, recessed upon request. Each light-weight cube has been hand-finished with a Venetian stucco making your luminaire one of its kind. Your base will come in a silver mirror finish (-SMR) but you can also request a golden mirror finish (-GMR).

GRAIN- technical information

*Please state a desired colour combination: surface finish is best delivered in two shades for a good contrast (dark and light), inner colour is best in white with a combination of a chosen colour, for example reference number GRAIN-1-5/6-A/C as in GRAIN-1 with a combination of dark and light grey Venetian stucco finish (5/6) with white and green inner colours (A/C). For colour indications please see below colour chart.


The collection features now LED spotlights to compliment its total design. Your spotlight can be manufactured as a:

  • surface finish version (SF)

  • recessed version (RC)

  • semi-recessed version (SRC). Majority of your spotlight is hidden in the ceiling with a small part of the base being visible. This part has a LED backlighting for an additional lighting effect on the ceiling.

AS a standard your spotlight comes in these finishes: black (-BL), white (-WH) or golden finish (-G). As a standard spotlight is made as 230V but we can produce a 24VDC version for your centralised system and thus make the bases more miniature. Please inquire within.




Files to download