The name of this unique luminaire is represented by the very natural way which the light finds its way through the optic fibres in the seemingly closed circulation. The shape of the fibres are determined by the individual groupings of stainless steel tubes which make the light disappear and then re-appear on the other side. Simply FLOW. A variety of other surface finishes available (black, white, funky red, green and golden finish).

This lamp comes now with a miniature LED downlight being integrated into the base in order to act as a fully functional light. This way your object will feature two separate circuits - one as a decorative, romantic luminaire circuit to create an atmosphere and one with functional lighting through LED downlight. Should you request a version WITHOUT the LED downlights please inform us within.

Design by MEJD studio

Photo: Mgr. art. Adam Šakový

FLOW- technical information

*Stainless steel finish, please contact us for price and availability of other finishes


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