Secret of this chandelier lies in its irregularity and a cascading shape. Stress-free design, endless colour combination with some lovely sparkles along. The version -RGB comes with a standard 4000K outer circle with a RGB version of the inner circle. This way you manage to have a beautiful white sparkling chandelier with a touch of a colour for which you are in a mood of right now. The RGB version is delivered with a standard remote controller or you can request a more sophisticated control such as touch panel, connection to your home centralised system, DMX512 etc.

It is ideal for interiors with high ceilings, shops, wellnesses, staircase or entry halls. A surface mounted version or as recessed upon request. The collection features LED spotlights in the base in order to allow for a funcional lighting to compliment its decorative use. Your chandelier will thus have two electrical circuits and in RGB version it will have three electrical circuits. Should you wish for your chandelier NOT to have LED spotlights, please do let us know when ordering.

You can inquire for a speciality version with glass cut crystals at each end of the fibre, please specify -CRY when requesting your preferred chandelier.

FIBRA - technical information

*For a version with crystals please state -CRY


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