Luminaire 365

It takes 365 days exactly for the Earth to orbit the sun, hence the name. This object has been made from the special technique glass which reacts to UV light givingi it its great purple colour.

Not exposing the luminaire to a daylight (and hence the UV) it will remain its default frost finish and will work with LED backlight and your remote controller as normally. As soon as you open the window and let the daylight come in, the luminaire will turn to purple colour. In order to reach a variety of colour combinations you simply use the remote controller to change the colours as wished. The bottom part of the luminaire has a powerful white (4000K) LED backlighting. You can of course dim the light, change a variety of colour scenes or simply let the daylight do the 'purple' trick.

Design by MEJD studio

Photo: Mgr. art. Adam Šakový

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