During the fair LIGHT+BUILDING 2014 that took place last week in Frankfurt a brand FOSALI® introduced its breathtaking collection of exclusive luminaires and innovative designs. Their secret does not only lie in timeless designs but also in a fact that the luminaires are completely hand-made with added value of being made from optic fibres and powered by high power LED light sources manufactured by the same company.

A brand FOSALI® offers an unconventional approach to lighting with a focus on originality, creativity and spectacular designs that free from any structures and limitations. The new collection is represented by nine unique designs fulfilling any architectural interior with premium quality, limitless functions and exlusivity in every detail.

Sales director Marianna Slivkova stated: “FOSALI® will soon introduce more designs made from optic fibres as it is adamentthat our concepts have become very popular. The lighting industry is so keen on these refreshing ideas, which is driving us to work even harder to unveil another exclusive collection which I am already looking forward to.”

Except for “unique and refreshing designs” as many visitors stated, some of the luminaires feature hand-blown glass craftmanships that have been custom-made by a Slovak glassware manufacturer. Other luminaires feature beautifully cut crystals produced by yet another Slovak crystal manufacturer. Thanks to these attributes we can rightly call the entire collection to be “made in Slovakia”, something that in a today’s global world is rather unique.

Peter Holiencik, a head of designer team agrees: “With the concept and luminaire designs our goal was to deliver completely new and fresh designs that would represent modernism, undisturbive shapes and to become a source of inspiration for many. I am glad we have managed to deliver this message throughout and we are already working on new designs to compliment this successful collection...”

FOSALI® designs, manufactures and projects all luminaires in Slovak republic where all these great ideas were born. The luminaires are available directly from the manufacturer themself and the company exports its products worldwide.

“A brandname FOSALI® is one of the few that keeps bringing unique and creative products to the lighting market and I believe this unique brand will inspire humankind for many years to come”, stated Jozef Slivka, CEO of FOSALI®.