Novelties 2017

FOSALI® unveiled during this year's EUROLUCE 2017 some of its greatest designs along with beautiful new additions. As a set standard our chandeliers feature high design focus, the most innovative solutions of optic fibres, high CRI and functionality values of LEDs. We have also added LED spotlights for some great functional lighting to our designs so you have the freedom of a romantic atmosphere or a functional lighting whenever needed.

Our portfolio features its first floor lamp under the name TREA which was inspired by a nature itself. The collection also comes with a ceiling and a table version and comes in 4000K as a standard. Other colours and RGB version upon enquiry.

Our most popular chandelier AQUILA has its first addition in a form of a wall light. This comes in two designs, both with mirror finishes supplementing the lighting elements of the main chandelier.

As a great, funky and a playful design a family of STILIA has been introduced. The luminaire comes in a simple conic shape with either white colour only (4000K) or with a great function of RGB, controlled by DMX512. This way you are able to control every single pixel of this playful luminaire whilst having the freedom to create an installation of any size or shape.

Amongst long and mighty chandeliers EYWA comes in new dimensions - to a beautiful ⌀1200mm in a diameter. It features an additional circuit of functional LED lighting that will add the extra light to the staircase or wherever and whenever needed.

Another successful design of LOOP has come in a new and a more grandeur design. Its greatest advantage is that it comes as two separate chandeliers that interconnect with each other. This way you can play with a design - either place full circle version in the interior as it is or/and supplement it with a hollow version (-HOLE) that can come above or outside of it. Or simply mix and match.

An architectural luminaire GRAIN comes with a new supplement of a single spotlight. It will feature a variety of heights that can be mixed and matched for a nice look and also three finishes of bases (white, black and chrome/mirror finish).

And our mighty INFINITO? This beauty of ours now comes in a compact size for smaller applications such as above dining table. The very likeable size of 1200x600mm has become an immediate draw of attention. Featuring miniature LED spots for addtional lighting with its ever romantic feel of optic fibres only (two separate electrical circuits).