Design novelty PRESCIA

A unique glass work of a traditional flower chalice design with yet a modern twist. And as always, it cannot be anything else than our ever precious Bohemian glass, hence the name "PRESCIA". The special glass-blowing technology offers a neatness, clarity and a natural game of light to the interior.

The luminaire is suspended from one solid optic fibre that emits the light along the whole length of the fibre - something not achievable in any ordinary lights and yet a standard for us. The high efficient LED light source is integrated within the miniature dimensions of the light offering an easy-to-install spotlight system which is admired widely.


A highly modular light can be used as a sole hanging piece or as a part of a luminaire of 5 different pieces. The variability of lengths and chalice sizes allow you, creative minds, to play with the space. Different lengths (1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 or 2200mm) can be easily mixed and matched with endless possibilities in the interior. Plug-n-Play system offers an easy installation and a variety of possibilities to place the PRESCIA light whichever way you prefer - right next to each other, in a particular shape or simply to scatter a few around the interior - your idea, your fulfillment.


As an addition to our standard recessed version you can enquire for a surface mounted version or for one central, massive chalice to be produced by our skilled glass artists. We love to fulfill any of your daring ideas and unveil new possibilities together so please do not hold your ideas to yourself and let us assist you.