About us

FOSALI® - new lighting solutions

Design chandeliers and luminaires made mainly from optic fibres and own LED technologies. Fresh and innovative designs, optic fibres and latest LED technologies allowed our designer team to introduce completely new, modern and lofty luminaires that fully harmonise with the architectural interiors.

The company also provides services and cooperation with lighting professionals for whom we deliver a large scale of fibre optics components for indoor and outdoor use, water applications, cabinets lighting, starry ceiling sets, our own manufacture of LED light sources, intelligent control etc. All in all, your project is completely in our hands - be it a standard luminaire from our collection, a bespoke installation or components for a special project, just enquire within us.


All chandeliers and lighting designs are manufactured with a focus on getting best out of optic fibre technology. Even light distribution along optic fibres, flexbility with shapes, safety for water applications and endless possibilities of new or customised designs are reasons why you will opt for these solutions. What you get are fascinating designs with low consumption (thanks to LEDs) for basically any needs, desired functionalities or weather conditions.

Some of our designs now have an option of optic fibre version or a new option based purely on LED modules, each having its own beauty. LED modules allow us to enhance the lighting solutions even further thanks to being able to be individually controlled, have an option of biodynamic/tunable white solutions or we can produce a digital lighting installation of any size. All of this of course developed in-house.


Our continuously latest LED technology developments and in-depth knowledge enable us to manufacture luminaires with all the benefits of LEDs - be it low consumption, maximum lighting output, efficiency and a great flexibility with colour choices to match materials or other luminaires in the room. In fact, none of our luminaires are produced in anything but LED. Furthermore, we can fulfill any unusual requirements such as dimming, DALI, RGB control, KNX or IQ / DMX installations (upon request). Should you have any more specific enquiry, be sure we deliver it to you.

All in all, the brand FOSALI® is your first stop for serious lighting solutions with a focus on innovation, versatile designs and spectacular lighting elements with a great touch of originality.

We are a well established and highly specified business in LED lighting solutions also. We focus on providing all-in-all solutions for quality functional, architectural and decorative LED and fibre optic lighting for indoor, outdoor and other applications where a strong desire for fully flexible and yet quality lighting exists. Our clients appreciate a large portion of customisation and individual approach that we put into all of our designs, projects and a great customer experience. We offer to our existing and new business partners a reliable service, customisation to their needs and requirements, high quality lighting products with a focus on the most innovative and intelligent solutions with LED technology and optic fibres, all accompanied with the support of professional graphics and lighting software for all thought-through solutions and to deliver lighting solution that the client appreciates.

Providing installation services and technical support is natural to us and we have a team of technicians ready for the installation as well as any support help you may need. Our know-how and extensive experience have been mastered over numerous realisations in commercial and private sector, references are available upon request.

We have a very unique showroom and production facility in Slovak republic (Banska Bystrica) where we also have a large warehouse with thousands of articles ready to be dispatched (optic fibres, accessories along with our own series of high quality LED strips with current drivers and OSRAM chips, unique aluminium profiles and other lighting accessories). We thrive in cooperation and a full assistance to all of our partners as we understand its importance when offering quality lighting solutions. We look forward to meeting with our new business partners and to establish a long-term cooperation. For more information on cooperation or your specific project, please contact us today.