795-Staircase chandelier in a modern home

For our client in the USA we made this very interesting piece of light. The client wished for a long and airy chandelier that would beautify the 11m drop of his lovely home retreat. The choice was made as he fell in love with our beautiful EYWA chandelier. 


The requirement was to produce the chandelier in a total length of 7 metres with a diameter of 120cm. 

Since we wanted to offer both an atmosphere on every landing and also functional lighting, we had offered a good combination of lighting scenes.


This lovely EYWA features three electrical circuits:
1. Optic fibres to create an atmosphere
2. Integrated LED downlights with a super narrow beam angle () so they distribute enough light all the way to the floor and yet would not dazzle users on the staircase
3. LED backlighting which creates a beautiful light corona around the base 
Both, LED downlights and LED backlighting feature dimming possibilities to select their most comfortable light intensity.

Our EYWA features a 4000K light spectrum with a CRI90+ and we also used cut crystals to finalise the beauty for the client and their visitors. Furthermore, the chandelier was customised to a 110V voltage system, which is used as a standard in the USA. 
We very much thank our client for providing beautiful photos of his home and allowing us to share them with you. 

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