644 - Victory Casino chandeliers in Liberec, CZ

Custom made moodlighting design crystall chandeliers for large areas such as casino

It took us only several weeks from initial discussions to complete delivery of large set of custom made fibre optic crystall chandeliers, with lovely gold-like surface. The interior is dark, and modern, and chandeliers were intendet not to change interior feeling, but rather support its glow and sparkle with airy design of transparent fibre optics holding a set of crystalls, to form interesting shapes. Some chandeliers were implemented with additional miniature custom made and frameless downlights to get some additional light under the chandelier. Special optics were selected, so the power light will not interfere the fibre optics and crystall effects.
Biggest challenge apart super fast delivery was a bar chandelier, in C shape in diameter over 5m. Thanks to super miniature yet powerfull (800Lm) frameless downlights with visible spotlight hole of diameter 20mm , this bar chandelier can provide main power lighting to bar staff.
This is how we gave birth to our new chandeliers called Twirl and  Crystallion.

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