FOSALI® (fibre optic solutions & lighting) has for this year 2015 prepared some great designs. Our collection of exclusive and dominant looking chandeliers is made from the puriest optic fibres that allow us to play a creative game with the most adventurous designs and the light. To power up these unique chandeliers we use specially developed LED light sources of miniature sizes, with some great light outputs, high CRI; moreover these can be connected to any home control systems be it standard On/Off or any intelligent home control system. Some chosen luminaires from this collection come with an RGB+W version for more natural and pleasant colours’ settings and for some great user experience.

All in all, our luminaires are as much about design as about innovative lighting technologies and this is something we pride ourselves in. “Our skilled team of designers, glass craftsmen and lighting technicians have again come up with some spectacular designs, yet not neglecting the lighting side of the chandeliers. I am thankful to the whole of the team and look forward to reactions of the visitors at the Euroluce fair”, confirms Marianna Slivkova, FOSALI® sales director.

Some of the novelties for 2015:

SPECTRA with a break-through new generation of LED light source allowing for immense light distribution and lower energy consumption

AQUILA comes with new and spectacular hand-made Bohemian glass fittings that are of irregular shapes and sizes evoking millions of drops of the water

INFINITO, a central glass art piece floats above the heads of visitors and with its sheer size of over 20m2 it demonstrates an easiness of modularity we master for large ceilings. The glass fittings have been hand-made by the most skilled glass artists. The play of amber and golden will surely keep your heads up for a long time!

GRAIN comes with a new type of optic fibre to deliver better lighting effects and with a beautiful golden pearl polish of a diamond sparkle to catch the eye of the onlookers

VEIN comes as a wall mirror version and with its striking size of 3 metres and the plastic 3D lookalike shape it compliments the collecion greatly along with the fully integrated RGB+W functions

An original glass artwork and ultimate design concept is topped with the new light PRESCIA which brings natural looks of a morning flower chalice to our product range.


Design chandeliers and luminaires made purely from optic fibres and LED technology. We deliver the most innovative lighting designs to the private interiors, commercial places, hotels and spas with a great focus on the exclusiveness and the funcionality of our pieces. We pride ourselves in modern designs, innovative lighting solutions tht are always topped with best artistic talents. Our FOSALI® team is ready to meet you in a Hall 13, Stand L04. 

EUROLUCE - Are you ready for fresh designs?
Euroluce exhibition in Milan, Italy