FOSALI® - fibre optic solutions & lighting

Bringing light into a home is not a science but creating a quality and effective light is a skill that only some posses. FOSALI® - an  unconventional approach to conventional lighting. 


We guarantee to change your life forever with spectacular designs, top quality technologies and endless lighting possibilities. Our specialism is in original and custom-made lighting solutions based on optic fibres and LED technologies that allow for non-typical and highly creative lighting solutions of any scale. This is something that in conventional lighting is hardly achieved and yet a standard for us.


Thanks to our deep understanding of all lighting components and materials used, as well as the complex process of our precious in-house manufacture we have been able to introduce you to a world where everything is possible. Your visions, be them as fantasizing and unrealistic as possible, be sure that we materialise and deliver to you. This is something that we thrive in. 


We are specialists in LED technology and optic fibres. A good understanding and technical knowledge is a base to deliver sought results. This is why we are so good at what we do - deep understanding, endless testing and a will to search for better and more efficient solutions make us one of the few who work with latest developments and technologies and thus deliver great results. 


Our strong asset lies in projects' specialism. All of our projects are dealt with a highly appreciated design and technical understanding that we deliver through all stages - from an initial idea rise, its designing, all the way to the installment. This great complexity of our services leaves you with peace of mind and profesionally delivered lighting solutions that your project deserves. 

Do not limit yourself and let your imagination loose! We at FOSALI® work with you and for you - to materialise your ideas and deliver them to you.  


FOSALI® is a registered brand of LEDeco solution, s.r.o.


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