FOSALI® - 365

It takes 365 days exactly for the Earth to orbit the sun and 365nm is also the wavelength of the UV light used in this piece. The object has been made from the specially made glass which reacts to UV light and which gives it its great purple colour. Having integrated LEDs for the fucntional lighting and light rods for decoration we have mastered this luminaire to its last detail. This is where design meets functionality.

Design by MEJD studio 

Photo: Mgr. art. Adam Šakový


365- technical informations
item no. base power (W) dimensions (mm) h x w x d  



square, mirror finish

square, mirror finish



1300 x 600 x 600 (purple tint when UV light on)

1300 x 600 x 600 (beige tint UV light on)


FOSALI® - 365 data sheet