Novelties 2017


FOSALI® unveiled during this year's EUROLUCE 2017 some of its greatest designs along with beautiful new additions. As a set standard our chandeliers feature high design focus, the most innovative solutions of optic fibres, high CRI and functionality values of LEDs. We have also added LED spotlights for some great functional lighting to our designs so you have the freedom of a romantic atmosphere or a functional lighting whenever needed. 

Press release TREA

TREA - the queen amongst the lights. Unique design, unique technology and a unique collection. This beautiful floor lamp has been designed by a renowned Slovak designer Juraj Karlik in a cooperation with FOSALI®. It is the first floor lamp complementing our collection of original chandeliers and luminaires that are proudly hand-made in Slovakia, with a use of unique optic fibres technology and powered LED technologies of own R&D. 

LIGHT and BUILDING, innovative and fresh designs coming!


Dear friends and business partners,

from 13. 3. till 18. 3. 2016 one of Europe’s largest trade fairs will take place in Frankfurt (Germany): Light + Building.

All in all, FOSALI® is your first stop for serious lighting solutions with a focus on innovation, versatile designs and spectacular lighting elements with a great touch of originality. 

We look forward to your visit.

Design novelty PRESCIA


A unique glass work of a traditional flower chalice design with yet a modern twist. And as always, it cannot be anything else than our ever precious Bohemian glass, hence the name "PRESCIA". The special glass-blowing technology offers a neatness, clarity and a natural game of light to the interior.



FOSALI® (fibre optic solutions & lighting) has for this year 2015 prepared some great designs. Our collection of exclusive and dominant looking chandeliers is made from the puriest optic fibres that allow us to play a creative game with the most adventurous designs and the light.